Give new life to your words,
choose plantable paper

Piantami… what does it mean?

Today, finally, paper can return to life, become a plant again, and give oxygen back to the planet.

Our plantable paper is created using a technology that embeds living seeds inside recycled paper. So, every paper product made with our plantable paper, instead of ending up in a landfill, can be reborn as a plant.
After fulfilling its role in enhancing the sale of your product, it can be planted in a pot to grow into a beautiful, lush plant.

The cycle of Piantami seeds

Where does the packaging end up once a product is used?

Most likely in a landfill or it will be incinerated, causing significant environmental damage.

This happens with almost all polluting printed products: favors, invitations, or letters of any kind.

Thanks to plantable paper, you can change the fate of paper. Tear it into pieces, wet it, bury it in a pot and a small plant will grow, providing oxygen to the environment.

A portion of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere to produce your article will be offset by the plantable paper you pair it with.

Choosing Piantami’s plantable paper means adding value to every single part of the products you sell or your gifts, starting from the packaging. We use only recycled paper.

La Carta piantabile Piantami
La Mission di Piantami

Our Mission

Giving oxygen to the Planet with the small gesture of each one. Only by working together can we do good for our Earth.

Our main goal is to guide the world towards a more conscious choice, and creating alternatives that are not harmful to the planet is the first step.

We want to help companies make their products sustainable and provide eco-information by involving the customers themselves.

Helping the planet means, first and foremost, improving your life.

How so?

The tag you find attached to your garment is thrown away in 99.9% of cases.
1 million garment tags correspond to 10 tons of waste.

What if they were replaced with tags made of plantable paper? Mother Earth would be happier.

Piantami aims to convert 10 tons of waste, originating from tags, into plants in 12 months.

Why choose plantable paper with seeds?

Paper and seeds come from plants, and after being used as clothing tags or a box, if planted, they turn back into plants, creating a continuous cycle. When planted in a pot, the biodegradable materials decompose and the seeds germinate, producing plants.

Fa bene al pianeta

It’s good for the planet

Our plantable paper is 100% sustainable because it is made from recycled paper and after use, it will be planted instead of thrown away in the trash.

Improves your brand’s image

Choosing seed paper for your products means giving customers a clear image of your company and its commitment to sustainability.

Migliora l'immagine del tuo brand

Plantable paper

Plantable paper is made with 100% recycled paper, can be customized, and you can choose from different types to best suit your needs.

30% of the seeds we use come from local farmers, true guardians of our environment.

Plantable paper is also bee-friendly: it’s biodegradable and contains living seeds, which, once they grow into plants, help to preserve the habitat of bees and the ecosystem in general.

What are the features of Piantami’s seed paper?

It is printed in sheets of 70x100cm size (other formats on request), you can choose from 2 colors – white and avana, and it is available in the most requested weights, from 240gr to 400gr

What plants can grow from plantable paper?

The seeds we primarily use are those of aromatic plants and mixed flowers. Moreover, if compatible with the production process, we can customize the type of seed according to the client’s needs and the product they intend to create.

What can it be used for?

Piantami’s plantable paper can be used in many ways, by both companies and individuals.

The different paper weights allow for the creation of sustainable and durable packaging, giving a new imprint to your products and making them stand out in the market. If a company chooses to use this product for business cards, flyers, or packaging, it tells its customers that it is sensitive to environmental issues. It’s a good way to let everyone know that your company is committed to sustainability.

If you want to make your day special, you can use plantable paper for favors or invitations, adding even more value to your special events.

Thanks to its features, you can really print anything on plantable paper: flyers, place cards, greeting cards, invitations, leaflets, tags, entire notebooks!

How to grow a plant

Once you receive a sheet, it’s quite simple to bring it to life. It can be buried in a pot to facilitate the seed’s root emergence.

Break the plantable paper into small pieces in a pot with soil, cover the pieces with a very thin layer of soil (3mm). And like any normal sowing, keep the soil moist for a few days, watering a little each day until the sprout appears.

Download the planting instructions:

Download Sowing Tips

Take care of the paper

Remember, though, that inside the sheets there are seeds that require care and some precautions. It might be a good idea not to print all over the sheet and choose a type of letterpress or screen printing that doesn’t expose the seeds to too high temperatures.

Download the product sheet:


What is the price of plantable paper?

To respond, we need to know the quantity and characteristics that your paper needs to have. You can contact us without obligation and explain your needs, and we will be happy to help you.


    Dormant seeds in a white paper,
    Waiting for the right moment to sprout.
    Hidden among the folds,
    they are full of hope,
    Ready to bring forth a green world.
    Plant it in the soil, and watch life grow,
    Flowers and leaves blooming in the light,
    The mountains green once more!
    Seeds and paper, a perfect duo,
    With love and care, they will bloom together,
    Creating a more beautiful world, forever!

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