Our Projects

It is important to take care of the planet. To contribute to changing the world, it is not enough to offer a product like seed paper; we understand that it is important to explain why taking care of the planet is crucial.

Therefore, we have decided to address those who would benefit the most from a better planet: children.

Our awareness project, therefore, starts from schools. We know well that children love drawings and prefer it as a form of expression. If we ask a child to draw something, most likely the first thing they will depict is a tree or a flower. Why not bring seed paper sheets for them to draw on, using water-based colors, and then plant those drawings in nature, bringing their imagination to life? 

Seeing children plant their drawings and witnessing a small forest sprout is a remarkable sight. An act that can help children feel closer to the planet, giving life to their drawings and blossoming their emotions!

Many mothers have told us that they have greatly appreciated planting our seed paper together with their children. An educational gesture that can convey a positive message and help children, who are the future of the planet, understand the importance of taking care of it. A moment dedicated to family that aims to provide a lesson while also entertaining the little ones.

our Projects
our projects

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