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Every event can be even more special: thanks to its characteristics, you can truly print anything on seed paper.

Invitations and programs:

Add an eco-friendly touch to your events by creating invitations and programs printed on seed paper. Guests will be able to plant the invitations after the event, preserving a green memory of the occasion that they will never forget.

Sustainable menus

Use seed paper to print the menus for your events.

Entrance tickets:

For outdoor events such as festivals or fairs, you can use entrance tickets made with our seed paper. This will allow participants to plant them after the event, contributing to the growth of plants and flowers.


Instead of plastic or Tyvek, you can create bracelets for your event using seed paper. After the event, participants can plant these bracelets in a pot, creating an eco-friendly memento that will grow over time. This small gesture will make a big difference and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Place cards: 

Offer place cards made of seed paper with the guest’s name and a brief description of the plants that will grow from it. This will add a personal and sustainable touch to the table arrangements.

Photo frames:

Suggest seed paper photo frames as a special keepsake for the bride and groom or event guests. The frames can hold photos from the event itself and will be a unique way to preserve memories.


Give your guests special boxes of confetti and small cards made of seed paper, to make the event unforgettable. 

Thank you cards:

Offer guests thank you cards made of seed paper to send to the participants after the event. These cards can include spaces for personalized messages and instructions on how to plant them.

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