Piantami: our plantable paper with live seeds

Our plantable seed paper is printed in sheets in 70x100cm format (other formats upon request). It is available in the most requested grammages, which currently range from 240gsm to 400gsm and in two colors:

  • White, recicled paper
  • Avana, recicled paper

Why choose our plantable paper?

  • Made in Italy
  • We produce 70x100cm sheets.
  • The seeds are completely wrapped by the paper fibers which prevents seed loss during printing.
  • Excellent printability, including QR codes.
  • It can be folded and maintains the fold for making pouches, keycard holders, and tags.
  • The seeds wrapped by the paper fibers are more protected and prevent discoloration caused by the seed oxidizing, preserving germinability for a longer period.
  • It is available in weights of 300gsm and 400gsm.
  • Customizing the seeds is possible.
  • We are fast in deliveries.
  • We have reduced prices thanks to the industrialization of the process.
  • It can be shipped throughout Europe and worldwide
  • The product is available in two different colors
  • Our paper is completely biodegradable
  • We use recycled paper 
  • Thanks to the various grammages, it adapts to all uses 
  • We offer high-quality plantable paper at a competitive price, in packs of 30 sheets 70×100cm (other formats available upon request).
  • We can fulfill an order of 6000 sheets of 70×100cm size in 7 days 
  • It is possible to choose the type of seeds you want to include in the paper to add different value to the product you are marketing
    (for example, you can choose basil seeds if you sell pesto or lavender seeds if you sell lavender creams or soaps, etc… the choice is yours!)

Local Seeds

At the heart of Piantami, there is a deep connection with our land and the people who cultivate it. We are proud to share that 30% of the seeds we use come from local farmers, who are the true custodians of our environment. These locally sourced seeds carry with them the story of those who have cultivated them with passion and dedication. Every time you plant our paper, remember that you are planting a promise of change, a symbol of connection between people and the earth. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful story that we are writing together, a story of love for nature and for the future of generations to come.

But most importantly…

Choosing our plantable paper means choosing the perfect material to build the future.

Piantami is the solution for those who don’t want to give up the sensation of paper under their fingertips while also caring about the fate of the planet.

Use it for packaging your products, for your wedding invitations, for your restaurant’s menus, for clothing tags, or anything else you can think of. Shape it to bring your green dreams to life.

Nature will thank you for it.

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