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In 2020, we founded Made Consulting to produce FFP2 masks to help Italy defeat COVID. We were trying to meet the goal, but we began to see a new type of waste on the streets: masks. 

We then thought of including a card made of plantable seed paper inside the packages. On it was the following message: “Dear customer, thank you for purchasing our masks that will help you protect yourself. Once you no longer need them, their disposal will create a production of 4mg of CO2. If you plant the card you are reading, plants will grow capable of absorbing this CO2 and oxygen will be produced to help the planet breathe.

At that point, we wondered if it could be applied to other fields, and our love for our planet led us to ask ourselves how we could make our planet better, what could be our contribution. That’s how our sprouting paper was born, for us who dream of a world where the colors and scents of plants can become even stronger and defeat waste.

Piantami is born with the aim of helping companies make their products sustainable, but it is for anyone who wants to make a loving gesture for themselves and for the planet. 

The application fields are multiple. We thought about clothing as well as the food and wine or the cosmetic sector. Piantami’s seed paper is suitable for all projects of those who want to give new life to the planet and avoid unnecessary paper waste or consumption. 

Piantami: Who we are

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